Foofel company , producer& exporter of diffrent kinds of ( raisins &dates ) & dried fruits &nuts with 2 decades of experience, It is considered one of the exporters of Iranian dried fruits.

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We welcome the designs of our customers with alacrity and strive to meet every demand of our customers and we can also use our experience in the field of dried fruits in other countries for our clients’ best sales and provide our guidelines and innovations in both the product and the packaging for our clients. Given the high capacity of production, we produce also with the high brand. And make sure your requests are met and that the service you receive from Foofel is always absolutely tops. You can also count on us for any questions, or suggestions, asking about prices, samples or your designs on our products and services. Please contact and speak your comments.


Research and Development:

We are striving to take good steps to promote our products in the country's food industry by using innovative research and development methods and we are always supporting the R & D sector.


Food quality and health:

Through the appropriate quality strategies that we have taken both in training manpower and raising the quality of the equipment we have been working on providing a high- quality product with a unique flavor and tkeing steps to improve the methods.



During the two decades of our activities and with the advancement of quality and quantitative methods in production, we have always tried to use the latest high-tech equipment with the highest degree of quality and safety to provide our customers timely with a safe product. We use the specialized devices of ``X - Ray`` laser and the Metal Detector scanner to provide a hygienic product without any foreign material.


Bulk and packaging:

Our products are available in bulk with the brands of Foofel or your brand in a variety of cartoons with the address, and the logo printed on. And we can also package all types of products from packages of 15 g to 1 kg with the high capacities of the production.