Foofel company , producer& exporter of diffrent kinds of ( raisins &dates ) & dried fruits &nuts with 2 decades of experience, It is considered one of the exporters of Iranian dried fruits.

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About Us

FooFel A world of memorable flavors

About Us the factory:

About Us It is for over two decades that the 2144 Malekan Factory groups under Sarman, Foofel and Varol brands has started its activities in Iran –Malekan, the raisin capital, in the production and packaging of nuts and dried fruits. It is now proud to be one of the leading producers and exporters presenting its products to customers throughtout the world with high quality and production capacity. Following increased production and sales, and improving customer satisfaction, production and quality control units have been improved, and now it operates with the use of the world’s highest accepted standards of BRC.

FOOFEL Food Industries Co., with more than two decades of activity, is one of the successful companies in the field of processing,supplying, and producing various kinds of dried fruits,nuts, dates , raisins, and saffron in bulk and package.

We are proud of supplying our products internationally with the highest quality and under the highest international standards of BRC, safety, and health standards , we present the real taste of Iranian dried fruits to people around the globe. From the very beginning, Foofel Co. has committed itself to the following objectives: Customizing products, providing superior services to meet our customers’ needs and desires, building long-term sustainable relationships with our valued customers by delivering high- quality and hygienic products. In this regard, we have considered regular quality control and developing production line, regular training of personnel, and extending relationships with our customers. Honesty experienced human resources, the use of world-class technologies, effective communication, friendly working environment, and customers support are among the factors behind our success.

Our superior abilities and services are our flexibility to the needs and demands of our customers and we can produce our customers’ brand and orders based on our high capacity of production, and we support our customers’ brand. We have made good investments in the field of manpower and equipment, and quality control issues to provide a product of the highest quality at the right and proper time. And continuously striving to improve and deliver superior quality and committed to using control methods to improve the quality of our products. We are glad that our products are known and consumed as healthy and nutritious snacks. And our unique products are now exported worldwide.



Is to introduce dried fruits and nuts as healthy and nutritious snacks with the highest level of quality and safety and their inclusion in the diet of people.


We are going to be the leader and forerunner in producing and packaging of nuts and dried fruits by presenting the real taste of Iranian dried fruits to the world and pave new ways to present our products through advancing marketing methods.

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