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iranian sayer dates

Export of sayer dates

Export of sayer dates

Sayer dates export is one of the most popular and at the same time best-selling date products in Iran, which is mainly planted in Khuzestan and the southern cities of Iran.

It is exported by Foofel Export Company to all parts of the world.

iranian sayer dates

iranian sayer dates

Sayer dates export

sayer dates or other dates are classified as semi-dry or semi-moist dates and have less than 18% moisture content. This has helped to keep this date better and longer and has provided easier conditions for the export of this product.

These dates can be easily stored in normal conditions in a covered warehouse for about 15 months and do not require abnormal temperatures.

As one of the main problems in selling this type of dates, we can still mention the lack of proper preparation and packaging equipment.

But at Foofel Export Company, most of the colonial dates in 5 or 10 kg cartons are easily and completely sterilized. The type of these cartons is laminate.

Due to this storage feature, ease of transportation and simple maintenance, the export of colonial dates is easily done and a large volume of this date is exported from Iran to other countries every year.

Date of export of other dates and its customers

Sayer dates In total, about 45% of this date is exported and is one of the most economical and economical types of dates in Iran for global consumption and of course domestic.

The main customers of dates are other European countries and North America, especially Russia. One of the reasons for the popularity of this date in other countries is its high sugar content and low cellulose content. Arab countries and European countries such as Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, etc. are the largest customers of this type of date in the world, and the market for the sale of this date is very prosperous in these countries.

The export rate of this product is very high and therefore it has a great economic value.

Other dates in Iran

Sayer dates Shadegan city is one of the cities where colonial dates are cultivated a lot and the quality of this type of dates is very high.

The dates of other Shadegan have a special place among the dates of the colonies. According to the latest information, about thirteen thousand and six hundred hectares of land in this city are covered by colonial fields or palm groves.

dried sayer dates

dried sayer dates

Other date characteristics

Due to the high sugar content of this date, it can be easily dissolved in water and used with tea or other beverages. Of course, this type of date is also used to produce a variety of sweets or drinks, and if used for production, the sugar of that product can be classified among natural sugars.

According to experts, this date has 75% sugar and people with diabetes or diabetes should be careful in consuming it.

The palm of this date is often grown in Khuzestan and about 70% of the palm groves in this city are colonial palms. The harvest time of these palms is late September and early October.

Properties of Colonial Dates

Sayer dates Dates are generally recommended as a highly nutritious food.

This nutrient has a high nutritional value and is very useful.

Other dates are also high in nutritional value due to their high levels of vitamins, sugars, minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus as one of the best types of dates, especially for children and their snacks. Be.

This date is one of the dates with high antioxidant content, which is considered as an anti-cancer substance. The magnesium in this date is very effective for people with digestive problems as a food digester, and the high iron content of this date is also useful for people with anemia.

The high sugar content of this type of date also helps athletes to have the high energy and calories needed for a intensive workout, and for this reason, most sports coaches familiar with this date as a daily snack recommend this date to their students. they do.

These dates are easy to pack and transport, and with simple containers without refrigerators, they can be transported over long distances or can be easily stored.

Due to the low juice content of this date, care should be taken with insects in their storage environment.


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