Foofel company , producer& exporter of diffrent kinds of ( raisins &dates ) & dried fruits &nuts with 2 decades of experience, It is considered one of the exporters of Iranian dried fruits.

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Sayer dates iranian (product&export) Sayer dates, also known as other dates, are one of the most popular and best-selling date products in Iran. Colonial dates are mainly grown in Khuzestan and southern cities of Iran. This date is very high in sugar and is one of the sweetest types of dates. Other dates (Sayer dates) is one of the sweetest dates in the world. Its sugar content is above 75%. The time of harvest of Sayer dates or other dates is about the beginning of September to the beginning of October. This product is one of the major dates for export that has many exports to Europe. The groves are under the cultivation of Sayer dates in Khuzestan province. This product includes about 70% of Khuzestan province and is a part of semi-dry dates with humidity and humidity less than 18%. This has led