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raisins varieties

iranian raisins varietie

iranian raisins varietie are one of the exportation products of Iran.

Iran is one of the finest manufacturers of raisins withinside the world.

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raisins varieties

Familiarity with Raisins

As you know, raisins are similar to the dried grapes. In Iran’s market, we are able to discover distinct forms of exportation raisins relying at the grapes’ kind, drying conditions, and their additives.

Moreover, because of the opportunity of the long-time period maintenance of this product in cool and dry conditions, we are able to embark on buying raisins all through the year.

The Diversity of Iranian Raisins

Tizabi Raisins: They have fundamental kinds, which includes granular and seedless, in addition to extraordinary hues starting from mild yellow to tan. Alkali GRAS (usually identified as safe) components are hired withinside the drying method of the Tizabi raisins.

The Soltani Raisins: This form of raisins is received from a grape kind with tiny’s far frequently traded for its use in pilaw. The Soltani raisins are the fabricated from Takistan metropolis and are used as exportation raisins.

The Aftabi Raisins as Exportation Raisins: This form of raisins is received from the ripe fruit of various seedless grapes dried immediately withinside the sunlight. The exported Aftabi raisins are brown.
The Golden Raisins: Sulfur smoke is used withinside the drying method of those exportation raisins, and the Golden raisins are bought in straw yellow and mild brown hues.
The Green Raisins: In our country, this inexperienced narrow kind is the maximum famous raisin, used as refreshments and additionally in nuts. The inexperienced raisins are the fabricated from drying granular, tall, and elongated grapes via way of means of sulfur.

Currants: Currants or seedless raisins are received from the Shahani grapes. Compared to the ordinary raisins, they’re smaller and feature a sturdy flavor and darker color.

Types of Iranian raisins

Golden raisins

Golden Raisin Sun-Made Golden Raisins are grown in the most parts of Iran, so they are golden amber in color with a naturally sweet and fruity flavor. Golden seedless raisins come from quality Thompson Seedless raisins that are treated with sulphur dioxide to retain their golden color. These sweet and chewy raisins are a delicious snack on their own, but can also be added to trail mixes, baked goods and granolas for an extra healthy snack.


Sultana Raisins

Sultana Raisins Sultana is made of the best seedless grapes. To reach the desired quality, all raisins are washed and sorted twice in each process and then dipped in edible oil and then dried. Iranian sultana raisins are available in two color light brown and dark brown and tend to be sweeter. Sultana raisins have a delicate and unique flavor.


Kashmary Raisins

Kashmary Raisins Kashmary raisins, also known as long raisins and produced from local type Iranian raisins. This kind is famous for its special sweet and sour taste and its long length shape. Long raisin like golden raisins are made using sulfur fumigation process and shade dried so they are green in color. This type is popular for those who dislike the extreme sweat flavor of other raisins types. Like other types, kashmar raisins are dried, coated with vegetable oil, stemmed, mechanically cleaned, laser and hand sorted then materials detected under extreme care of hygienic conditions and with legal and safety requirements and the customers special specifications.


Maviz Raisins

Maviz Raisins Currants are dried, black, seedless grapes. Currants are an excellent source of antioxidants and polyphenol compounds (1) (flavonoids, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, procyanidins, resveratrol) and it has a very high antioxidant content (2). The currants have some advantages over several other fruits because they are coming from black/deep blue grapes, which are considered as better phenolic source than white grape in antioxidants and anthocyanins (3). The drying of currants under low relative humidity and in moderate temperatures allows the preservation of antioxidants and vitamins of grapes when they are turned to currants.


Fakhri raisins

Fakhri raisins It is a type of raisin that is obtained from drying of Fakhri grape and has special advantages. The quality and taste of any raisin depends on its grape variety. Fakhri grape is one of the grape varieties whose seeds are shaped like oval and has full grapes. Due to the shape it, it is a good grape for raisin. And it is also of high value.


Iranian raisins

Iranian raisins Dried raisins are reached grapes. Drying grape and producing raisin has a long history. Raisin is one of the strategic products of Iran. Fertile agriculture, high quality agricultural lands, the use of modern and organic technologies in Iranian raisins production has made it one of the largest exporters of raisins, and Iranian raisins now have a proper position in the world. We offer the raisins in packages of 250g, 400g, 1kg and 10kg.we welcome your ideas and can also produce with your brand. We are able to produce and offer different kinds of Iranian raisins in various packaging with the accepted standards of the world.


The Production Methods of Raisins

On the whole, raisins are produced with the aid of using trendy conventional and business methods. In the conventional approach, the grape grains are positioned interior huge trays and uncovered to the daylight directly.

However, you’d higher realize that the manufacturing of raisins with the aid of using the conventional approach isn’t always straightforward, and the right air con performs an vital function in its technique.
The business approach consists of immersing the grapes in nitric acid or the use of sulfur smoke and different materials for generating exportation raisins.
Since the sugar found in grapes is caramelized, the raisins received with the aid of using the conventional approach have typically darker colours than the preliminary grapes.
However, if the economic approach is hired for raisin manufacturing, the raisins’ shadeation turns into golden and bright.

The Benefits of Raisins

The conversion of grapes to raisins will increase the density of the phenol compounds of this fruit and complements its most cancers prevention and remedy property.

These phenol compounds encompass quinic acid, garlic, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, catechin, and epicatechin.
Furthermore, not like what may also appear initially, the Golden raisins revel in extra vitamins than the raisins received from the conventional approach.
It is due to the fact the sulfur antioxidants save you the beneficial compounds of the grapes and do now no longer permit the drying technique to effect those properties.
The exportation raisins are provided in 3 methods, consisting of regular packages, bulk presentation, and promoting in exportation packages.
What Are the Characteristics of Distinguished Exportation Raisins?
Good and certified raisins are provided and not using a aroma or strange flavor and are with out pests, gravel, and dirt.
The suited exportation raisins have moisture fee much less than 18percentwt, and the magnitudes of sulfurous acid anhydride and sulfur smoke are much less than 2 milliweight.
The raisin first-class relies upon at the desirability of grapes.
Indeed, the fine exportation raisins are received from the grapes which are 80% ripe, and their shadeation must be as uniform as viable.
Another crucial element withinside the first-class of the exportation raisins is the fewness of tailed, unripe, fine, crushed, and granulated raisins as compared to the range of healthful ones in a sure amount.

This element has an instantaneous dating with the cleansing technique of raisins.


Which Cities of Iran Are Eminent in Raisin Production?
The manufacturing of exportation raisins from exclusive sorts of grapes are fulfilled with the aid of using the farmers all around the us of a. This product is used in conjunction with nuts further to its use in cooking. The towns of

Buin Zahra
are ranked first in phrases of manufacturing the fine sorts of exclusive raisins in our us of a. However, the best desirability is associated with Malayer city.
What Are the Current Conditions of iranian Raisin Exportation in Our Country?
Raisin exportation in Iran dates returned to numerous centuries ago, and our us of a enjoys the primary rank in phrases of range and range found in exportation raisins.
Indeed, the exportation of pistachio, raisin, and date constitutes the foremost part of dried fruit exportation of Iran. Now, over 80% of raisin exportation withinside the international belongs to Iran, Turkey, America, Greek, and Chili.
On the opposite hand, the international’s most raisin importation belongs to Emirates, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Egypt, Canada, Pakistan, Turkey, Spain, and Kuwait.
Interestingly, despite the fact that Turkey and Emirates are most of the raisin generating and exporting international locations, additionally they import this commodity.

The weather and meteorological situations of Iran have modified this us of a to one of the first-ranked international locations in gardening, specifically grape cultivation and raisin manufacturing.


The Golden Exportation Raisins

Due to its precise shadeation and look in addition to constant clients continually annoying this raisin kind, the Golden raisin is reckoned because the maximum well-known and suited sort of raisin.

For exportation to sure international locations and comfort consumptions, we are able to wash the Golden raisins minimally instances and type and % qualifiedly.

In the sector of the Golden raisin manufacturing, Iran is one of the maximum famous international locations and exports those exportation raisins to European international locations and the states of the Persian Gulf.

Likewise, Egypt and Pakistan are reckoned as the brand new clients on this area, and their interest is a nice step closer to the exportation of Iran’s Golden raisins.


The Pilaf Exportation Raisins

The pilaf raisins are some other form of exportation raisins and feature precise demanders all around the international.

Owing to the excessive first-class and desirability of this product, the pilaf raisins of Takistan have plentiful recognition most of the importer international locations, and it’s miles exported to Russia, Ukraine, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia in wholesale bureaucracy.


The Green Exportation Raisins

Grape drying in indoor salons creates a inexperienced shadeation on this form of exportation raisins. The presence of a few blessings which include eye-fitness improvement, nerve fortification, tooth and tooth gum promotion, osteoporosis prevention, and profiting developing kids has modified this raisin kind to one of the maximum famous raisins.

Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Iraq are the principle exportation locations of the Green raisins.


The Tizabi Exportation Raisins

Compared to the Aftabi raisins, Tizabi has decrease first-class than the Green raisins. For this reason, its fee is extra cost-effective.
The presence of A, B, and C vitamins, in addition to omega three and 6, has transformed this raisin to one of the maximum-offered sorts of raisins.

This exportation raisin is broadly speaking produced in Bojnourd, Islamshahr, and Kashmar towns except Sistan and Baluchistan and Bushehr provinces. It is viable to shop for those raisins each in bulk and packaged bureaucracy in lots of elements of the us of a.


What Properties Are Important in Buying and Selling Exportation Raisins?

You can embark on shopping for or promoting exportation raisins with the aid of using looking through the newspaper advertisements, social networks, and Google in addition to thinking entrepreneurs and shops supplying dried nuts withinside the city.

In the manufacturing of the exportation raisins, the grape first-class and its drying and processing approach are the 2 fundamental elements figuring out the product first-class.
However, there are a few conditions that exportation raisins must have in order that they may be exported to different international locations.

Some capabilities which include being with out dirt and contamination, being wiped clean from any pests, flavor first-class, managed moisture, and the presence of little chemical substances in a product extrade the raisins a appropriate choice for exportation.

For example, the fine form of Tizabi raisins has moisture of 20%.

The Provision of the Best Raisins from thefoofel Company

You can offer the fine raisins with the maximum appropriate fee from the foofel Company.
All raisins of our corporation own worldwide requirements and are equipped to be exported to exclusive international locations.

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